Carbonica Hybrid S Hookah


Smoke Shop In Dallas has the most updated hookah for your personal use. We proudly present one of our most prominent Sheesha, the carbonica Hybrid Hookah. This piece of art is made from the latest carbon substances, followed by strong stainless steel and a highly designed glass base. Due to these features, carbonica Hybrid Hookah has made a stronghold in hookah lovers’ hearts.



Infinity beyond has the best durable and efficient hookah for its patrons. carbonica Hybrid Hookah is a product where low weight and maximum stability come in harmony. Afterward, this specific product comes in two colors: the Dracula red one and the other one, a combination of purple and pink. In addition, it has a metallic structure from start to base. Moreover, it has additional features like:

  • A stone head with a hot screen.
  • A stainless steel structure with carbon coating.
  • The base is made from high-grade glass.
  • A unique screw system.
  • Enabling one hose connection.
  • The hose is made from silicon along with an aluminum mouthpiece.
  • A perfect hose holder followed by charcoal tongs and charcoal plate.

Carbonica Hybrid Hookah is one of our favorite products. Customers tend to love it very much. Get it now.

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