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Here at Infinity & Beyond - Smoke Shop in Dallas, We have this code of conduct because we believe in it. We feel by adhering to these codes of conduct we will build the Multi Million dollar company we have envisioned. The general intent of writing a code of conduct is to be able to hold each other accountable when something happens in the course of business. All of these items have been agreed upon by the collective employees of Infinity & Beyond.

Quality - Success begins with quality.
Pride - Show pride in and loyalty to the top Floor.
Integrity - Integrity is the consistent adherence to the social standards and moral values that are set forth in society.
Teamwork - We are a team, the greater the team the greater the company!

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Patience – We are a growing company and there will always be growing pains, but with the pains, we will build opportunities
Co-workers – When in the workplace follow the simple rule if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.
Self-respect – Don’t do anything to yourself that prevents you from doing the best job possible, or just being the best person possible.
Personal Accountability – If anything that is undesirable happens and you are responsible for it, you must take responsibility for it.
Humble and Grateful – If you have concerns about being able to complete a task, ask someone that will be able to answer your questions. Also be grateful for the things you are provided within life and professionally.
Customers – With everything we do in the course of the day we must keep the customer in mind.
Honesty – If you can’t be honest with yourself you most likely won’t be able to be honest with your coworkers. Sometimes it may hurt but in the long run, it hurts less than bullshitting.
Continue to Improve – There will always be room for improvement, be it a process, or an aspect of your personal life, never stop growing, never stop getting better.
Positive Attitude – Employees should come into work placing their best foot forward, it will elevate the mood of all of those around you and create a better overall environment.

Infinity & Beyond Mission Statement

We believe that by offering uniquely artistic, high-quality products at value pricing nothing can stop us. Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to customer satisfaction we will continue to provide the best products and the best service. In return our customers will give us the opportunity to make this a better world for everyone connected to us!


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