Citrus Mint Tobacco Flavor


A hookah tobacco that delivers a refreshing mash-up of sweet and zesty citrus flavors infused with a cool rush of mint. You don’t have to be a mint smoker to love this flavor.


Hello, Smoke shop family, and welcome to our monthly series featuring tastes that will reignite your passion for all things. In this season’s theme, springtime isn’t the only bloom in the air… Citrus Mint Tobacco Flavor is, too!

Nothing says “home” like Citrus Mint Hookah Flavor in balmy San Diego, and this is what we meant to tell with the globe in our take on this smoking standard. Citrus Mint Tobacco Flavor combines sun-kissed limes, orange that tastes as if it came straight from Orange County, and Mint that hits you like a cold Coronado Beach wind.

Tobacco Pairings with Citrus Mint

One of the most remarkable things about Citrus Mint is that it goes with almost everything this time of year. You name it: lemonades, fruit smoothies, and freshly made spring tea. If you’re searching for a way to add some “zest” to your life, try pairing Citrus Mint Tobacco Flavor with any of these dishes:

  • Carnitas tacos with zesty tomatillo salsa; lemon cheesecake or a slice of key lime pie
  • Avocado, pistachio, and a hint of spring mingle in grapefruit and raspberry salad with a lime, Mint, and honey dressing.

Try Societe Brewing Company’s “The Pupil” IPA to properly symbolize the onset of spring for those enjoying the end of winter and wishing to grab a drink with their smoke! You can go crazy with your white wine tequila sunrises this season of the year, and one of our faves is a cantaloupe and citrus combo with mint stems in the glasses.

Citrus Mint Hookah Tobacco Mixes

Citrus Mint hookah tobacco is an excellent foundation for a variety of mixtures, and for good reason. Here are a few that have set the tone for many unforgettable spring nights:

  • 70% Lemon Loaf, 30% Citrus Mint
  • 50% Citrus Mint 50 percent Mojito Mojo
  • 30 percent Citrus Mint 70 percent WGB
  • 60 percent Prickly Pear 40 percent Citrus Mint
  • Ambrosia: 50 percent white peach, 33 percent ambrosia Citrus Mint (33% Citrus Mint)
  • 60 percent Citrus Mint 33 percent Purple Grape 40 percent Watermelon

Do you have a favorite Citrus Mint combo that we missed?

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