Aloha Mango


An exotic flavor with a subtle, tangy sweetness, smoking Fumari’s Aloha Mango hookah tobacco is kind of like inhaling a tropical resort.



Best Aloha Mango Flavour

The country life was and still is a significant source of motivation for us at Smoke Shop in Dallas, and that influence has now spilled over into our fresh perspective on what mangoes imply in the context of hookah! While tropical tastes aren’t new to the smoke shop in Dallas menu, Aloha Mango is our take on the Hawaiian Luau, and it’s ready to pair with our other island-inspired favorites for genuine bliss.

We tried to provide the hookah community and market the greatest incarnation of mango possible in what can only be described as serenity in a bag. Our Aloha Mango features a freshly cut and perfectly ripe mango set on an ice-cold glass of juice.

Tobacco Pairings for Aloha Mango Hookah

Aside from cozy hammocks and a pair of tobacco Shades, our best Aloha Mango pairs well with almost any summer drink or food. Our favorite drink pairing is Blue Moon’s Mango Malty Beer, which will bring out the natural flavors of the mango, and it will have you buzzed about the beaches in more senses than one. A fresh cup of black mango tea with a dollop of honey and some smokey Kalua Pork would undoubtedly be the best decision you’ve made all day for those wishing to savor this taste while working or living hectic lives.

Hookah Tobacco Mixes Aloha Mango

We could smoke Aloha Mango on its alone, but it goes great with everything in our flavor range. To keep it simple, add some WGB for an immediate Mango Chip mix, or go all out with this mixture for a new take on the standard Pina Colada Smoke style.

  • 40% Aloha Mango
  • 20% Mojito Moj
  • 10% French Vanilla
  • 30% Caribbean Colada

However, “Ohana,” a blend of the following, is our favorite taste combination for this flavor. This

  • 20% Double Apple
  • 20% Island Papaya
  • 60% Aloha Mango

Like Ohana, the mixture is full of rich flavors that blend with the island vibe and are open to all of our wider family.

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