How Long Do Smok Nord 4 Coils Last?

Smok Nord 4 coils

One of the most frequent queries amongst vapers using pod systems like the Smok Nord 4 is, How long do coils last? The Nord 4 uses changeable coils instead of disposable vape pods, so you may use the device for more extended periods before changing the pods.
A number of factors, including your smoking habits, the kind of e-juice you use, and other variables, coil life, might vary significantly. A single coil usually lasts most vapers about two weeks before flavor and vapor generation begin to diminish, and a replacement is required. You can, however, take specific actions to extend the life of your Smok Nord 4 coils and make the most of every one of them.

In this blog, we’ll give estimations of coil lifetime for the Smok Nord 4 RPM coils for both the 0.4- and 0.6-ohm resistances. We’ll also cover how to extend the life of your coils and warning indicators that should indicate when to replace them. Now, let’s get started. 

What kind of coils are for Smok Nord 4?

Two coil options are included with the Smok Nord 4:
It is suggested to use Smok Nord 4 RPM 0.4ohm Mesh Coils for direct-to-lung vaping at 25–33W and Smok Nord 4 RPM 0.6ohm Mesh Coils for MTL smoking at 15–25W.
These are mesh elements that heat for press-fit coil setups. This implies that they provide outstanding flavor and ramp up rapidly. While the 0.6-ohm coils are meant for mouth-to-lung vaping at lower wattages, the 0.4-ohm coils are more appropriate for direct lung vaping at more power.

For best results, utilize the coils per the suggested power ratings. Both coil options should last about the same amount of time, but how often you vape will ultimately influence the number of weeks or days, you get out of a single Nord 4 coil.

How Long Do Smok Nord 4 RPM Coils Last?

Before the performance starts to suffer, how many days or weeks can you anticipate getting out of a Smok Nord 4 coil?
Based on typical use, the following broad estimates are provided:
RPM of Smok Nord 4 0.4 ohm Coils: seven to fourteen days
RPM of Smok Nord 4 0.6 ohm Coils: 10–21 days
Remember that these figures are only user-reported averages. Increased or reduced coil life may result from your individual usage habits. Coil longevity can be extended by vaping gently at lower power ratings; coils will burn out fairly rapidly if you chain vape often at higher power.

The length is also affected by the kind of e-juice you use. Particularly sweet, acidic, or dark juices are coil killers. More apparent, less syrupy liquids are simpler on coils.

How to Extend the Life of Smok Nord 4 Coils

Although coil lifetime cannot be guaranteed, there are things you can do to make the most of every new Smok Nord 4 replacement coil.

  • Priming Coils: Prior to vaping, constantly prime fresh coils by inserting a few drops of e-juice directly into the coil and allowing it to sit for five to ten minutes. This facilitates streaming material saturation.
  • Start Low Power: When breaking in new coils, start at the advised lowest wattage and gradually increase it. This gives the coil enough time to adapt to wicking and heating.
  • Steer clear of chain vaping: Taking many hits quickly after one another will overwhelm the cotton filament and cause dry hits. A minute or two should pass between puffs.

When should you stop using your Smok Nord 4 Coil?

When your Smok Nord 4 2000mah coil needs to be changed, these are some obvious signs that performance is declining:

  • Weakened flavor: Vapor flavor drastically decreases as coils clog and wicks wear out. 
  • More subdued vapor: As less e-juice reaches the coil, vapor output declines. 
  • Hard or dry hits: Inadequate wicking causes you to feel scorched, dry strikes. 
  • Leakage: Juice frequently begins to seep into the airway from worn-out coils. Gurgling, sitting back, and leakage out of the pod’s bottom are the results of this. 
  • Juice that is discolored: juice that turns dark brown more quickly than usual is a sign that a coil is breaking down. 

It’s absolutely time to change the coil when you observe these warning indications. Excessive force applied to dying coils may cause component burnout.

Maximizing the Benefits of Smok Nord 4 Coils

Maintaining Smok Nord 4 RPM coils is essential to extending their lives. Adhere to the previously mentioned prime, break-in, and upkeep procedures. Avoid coil-killing e-liquids, vape at moderate power levels, and give coils time to wick between puffs. The majority of vapers find that after two or three weeks of consistent use, flavor and vapor quality start to deteriorate. If you take careful care of your coils, you might be compensated with a week or longer of continuous vaping before coil replacement is necessary. All coils, though, ultimately wear out.


Individual smoking behaviors and e-juice kinds, Smok Nord 4 coils have an average lifespan of one to three weeks. Great flavor may be achieved by using the 0.4ohm and 0.6ohm RPM mesh coils within their suggested power levels.  Although coil lifespans differ, you can prolong the number of days a coil can be used by priming, breaking in, and cleaning it. When the flavor and vapor levels decline, replacing the coils is time. For many kilometers, your Smok Nord 4 200mah coils will continue to provide enjoyable vaping sessions with regular coil care and maintenance.

When the time comes to replace your Smok Nord 4 coil, trustworthy vape stores like Infinity & Beyond Smokeshop. Your new coils will provide you with fantastic vaping for a few more weeks with careful care.