Lost Mary OS5000 Charging Instructions

Lost Mary OS5000 Charging Instructions

It might be annoying to misplace a vape device, but what if you also lose the charger? That looks to be blatantly unfair. However, if you’ve discovered that your Lost Mary OS5000 needs some juice, don’t worry Infinity and Beyond can assist you in quickly charging it and getting it back up and operating.

One of the trendiest and most well-liked pods and vapes available is the Lost Mary OS5000, and for good reason. It offers outstanding taste and vaping performance in a small, easy-to-use package. Like any other vape, the Lost Mary requires a fully charged battery. Fortunately, once you know the procedure, charging a Lost Mary is simple. In the following piece, we’ll cover all you need to know to obtain your Lost Mary OS5000.

What is a Lost Mary OS5000?

Let’s begin by giving a little explanation of the Lost Mary OS5000 to people who are unfamiliar with the vaping industry. This creative Lost Vape gadget uses ” Pod ” gadgets for convenient transportation and ease. The compact and elegant design combines e-juice storage and battery into a single, straightforward pod device. To use it, insert a Lost Mary e-juice, allow it to soak into the cotton tip for five to ten minutes, secure it to the power source, and begin vaping. Replace the pod when it runs out; no mess or filling will be involved. The Lost Mary battery incorporates visible battery life displays to indicate the remaining charge and automated draw activation upon inhalation.

The Lost Mary OS5000’s compact and straightforward design provides a highly easy-to-use vaping experience that is perfect for novice and seasoned users. But maintaining charge is essential. 

How long does a Lost Mary take to charge?

It’s likely that you do not have the genuine charger cord if you’ve discovered a Lost Mary that needs to be charged. Or you might have lost Mary vape charger. But don’t worry, there are a couple of solutions that will suffice. What is required is as follows:

  1. An appropriate Lost Mary power source
  2. A USB power bank or converter
  3. Have patience! It takes 45 to 60 minutes for a complete charge.

How to Charge Lost Mary Vape?

Locating a suitable Lost Mary charging cord is essential. This plugs into the device’s side-mounted USB charging port. On one end, it interfaces with the battery port via a flat connection, while on the opposite side, it has a regular USB connector.

Seek for an alternative that references Lost Mary or Lost Vape functionality. It’s important to replace your charger cable with the correct one since using the incorrect one might harm your smartphone. Attach the appropriate portable Lost Mary OS5000 charger to the charge connector and a computer, power connector, or any other standard USB power block. Using a USB converter with a 1-ampere output is advised if you want to charge something quickly and effectively.

How do you know when a lost Mary is fully charged?

There are no actual fire keys on the Lost Mary OS5000 since it uses a visible battery monitor and an automated draw-fire mechanism. Nonetheless, there is a charging indicator light on the outside that will show the battery status:

  • Red flashing indicates a charging battery.
  • Solid Green: Completely charged and operational

When charging is finished, the LED light will become solid green, signaling a fully charged battery ready for use. Depending on the portable USB charger’s performance, a charge typically takes 45 to 60 minutes. There is a little battery indicator panel directly next to the Light indication. Its firing will cause a colored bar to appear, indicating the battery level. 

  • Green: Batteries: 60–100%
  • Yellow: power (30–60%)
  • Red: thirty percent or less (charge required)

Thus, to determine the present energy level, check either the LED light or the power symbol. You may be sure that you will know precisely when your Lost Mary is asking for a recharge or whether its battery is running low by keeping a watch on both.

How to Find Out If Your Lost Mary Isn’t Charging

What should you do if you try to turn it on after learning how to charge your Lost Mary OS5000, but it doesn’t appear to be charging? Don’t freak out just yet! The following are some solutions to fix a non-charging Lost Mary OS5000:

  • Examine the USB port to ensure no trash or e-juice buildup obstructs a good connection. If necessary, carefully clean the port.
  • Occasionally, the cable ceases to work effectively. Try a different cable. Try using a different Lost Mary-supported cable to check whether it resolves the issue.
  • Similarly, the adaptor can be the problem. Try a different USB adapter. Switch to a different, superior USB charging plug and cord to test.
  • Contact support – If you have tried all of the above solutions and the Lost Mary won’t charge, you may need to contact Lost Vape immediately, either service under warranty or technical assistance.

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Simple troubleshooting can be used to ascertain whether the problem is with the gadget itself or only an accessory, such as a wire or connector, or if warranty servicing is required. To restore your Mary working again, immediately contact Lost Vape to assist with any necessary repairs. 

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Your nicotine adventures may dampen if you misplace your Lost Mary OS5000 charger. But do not panic; with the advice above and the assortment of Lost Mary equipment and e-liquids that Infinity & Beyond offers, you have all you require to begin recharging and enjoy the delicious Lost Vape aroma in no time.

At Infinity & Beyond, we pride ourselves on serving novice and experienced Lost Vapes users by using the newest gadgets, vaporizers, and accessories. Not able to locate Lost Vape Lost Mary charges nearby? We possess them. 


Losing the power source or charger for the Lost Mary OS5000 can be quite annoying, but it is easy to fix with the right alternative cable, a little repair advice, and a stocked vape store like Infinity & Beyond nearby. Now that you know the essential details, you can make the most of your Lost Mary adventure in the long run. These details include the best times to charge the device, battery indications to watch, potential problems to look out for, and accessories.

You know how to get back to functioning properly to experience the fantastic Lost Vape performance you’ve grown to love and anticipate whenever your Lost Mary or any other Lost Vape equipment needs repairs. Thus, avoid worrying about misplacing a gadget, electronic cigarette pods, or lost devices.