How Old do you Have to be to Buy a Vape?

Legal Age to Vape

Smoke and vape stores are growing everywhere, selling flamboyant gadgets and sweet flavors. As vaping has become quite popular, younger generations are attracted by its fascinating culture. Vape is not risk-free, as there are certain health risks attached to this growing popular culture. Laws also seek to safeguard young people, still forming their decision-making abilities. At Infinity & Beyond Smokeshop, we’re passionate about our wonderful vaping community and take great care of our patrons’ health. We adhere carefully to all laws about the minimum legal age. Additionally, we teach staff to advise clients to vape responsibly, even if that entails holding off until they’re of age. Continue reading to find out how old you should be to purchase a vape, how we confirm your age, and why we take additional care to ensure the safety of our goods.

Legal Age to Vape:

Most countries utilize the legal adult age as the minimum age to purchase vapor goods and other adult items, except for those that have outlawed vapes and those without any legislation on vaping. While some nations have a single national legal age, other states or provinces can establish higher legal ages. In Canada, for instance, the legal age to purchase vaping devices is 19. However, there are certain regions and territories where the minimum is 18. Sales of consumer goods containing nicotine apart from cigarettes are prohibited in Australia without a prescription from a physician; however, non-nicotine vapes are lawful, and state-by-state age restrictions apply.

Federal Law:

Sales of vape devices to those under 21 are forbidden by federal law. Before each transaction, we verify the legal age of each ID by scanning it. Double-check dates with staff members; if we break Tobacco 21 legislation, we risk facing harsh fines. All ages, including open vaping locations, are restricted by local regulations. Because it’s complicated, we keep up with all the updates to give accurate advice to everyone. Our first concern is keeping you safe.

How Old Do You Need to Be to Buy a Vape?

To verify you are of legal smoking age, 21 years old or above, bring a legitimate form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport with the date of birth and picture. This will be necessary when you purchase at vape shops like Infinity & Beyond Smokeshop. For safety reasons, we


only wish to provide our best vape goods to suitable clients who are older than the legal drinking age.

We provide a wide selection of excellent e-liquids, trendy Hype Blue Frost vape juices, powerful Zkittlez cartridges, and more at Infinity & Beyond Smokeshop. However, to make purchases, clients must have a valid 21+ ID.

What Age Do You Have to Be to Vape?

Unfortunately, vaping is no longer permitted in the US beyond the age of 18. The legal age to purchase and use any vape device is 21. We do not make the regulations; instead, we scrupulously abide by them, even when it means holding off on enthusiastic buyers for a few years to protect themselves. Don’t take a chance on using it illegally in public. However, many places forbid vaping in parks, pubs, arenas, etc. Only safe, lawful practices are encouraged.

Do You Have to Be 21 to Buy a Vape?

At a reasonable age, most children exhibit more characteristics of adults than adolescents. Age is a commitment that never goes away, but it acknowledges that we give adults the freedom to make risky decisions. Because it considers vaping and smoking to be so dangerous, Tobacco 21 is a remarkable regulation that should take away the option from young persons who can count on to operate a motor vehicle, own a home, get married, skydive, or engage in combat. Many nations have not discovered enough data to justify the necessity for such drastic action.

Without a doubt, the age restriction for purchasing vapes is 21 years old. Concerns about teenagers’ wellbeing arising from exposure before their brains ultimately develop are respected at Infinity & Beyond. Before we can sell you a gadget or an accessory, we must see a valid driver’s license proving your age. Not even invite your younger peers inside for a look around. While we cannot condone bad behavior, we cannot criticize good intentions. We must first thoroughly confirm that each consumer is within the age restrictions.

Can I Vape at 18?

 Since the nationwide Tobacco 21 legislation went into force, it is illegal to vape in any part of the United States when you are 18 years old. Federal law states that you must be 21 years old to buy or make use of a vape device, even if you may vote at age 18. Vape purchases are still forbidden overall, while certain jurisdictions still permit medicinal marijuana use for qualified individuals under the age of twenty-one. Some stores could request identification scans. 

What Age Are You Allowed to Vape?

In every state of the US, 21 is the earliest age required to purchase, own, and use smoking products like e-liquids. Regardless of one’s age, some municipal governments outright ban vaping inside public spaces like playgrounds, pubs, and eateries. Check your city, county, and state’s unique vaping limit and general usage laws carefully to prevent getting in trouble. State laws differ significantly.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Purchase a Vape?

You have to be at the minimum age of 21 years old to buy any form of vaping goods in the USA, including mods, pod system starting kits, disposable vaporizers, and e-juice. Before finalizing any vape payments, be prepared to present a valid photo identification proof or provide other proof that you are 21 years of age or older, such as a driver’s license.

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Buy E-Cigarettes?

In the USA, there is a 21-year-old legal purchasing age for e-cigarettes and other vaping equipment. Before purchasing any e-cigarette devices, such as starter kits for vaping pens, mods, or flavored e-juice, be sure you match the legal age requirement by bringing a legitimate government picture ID that displays your date of birth. Underage sales do result in fines for retailers.


Vaping can offer great emotions and experiences, but sensible age restrictions safeguard children while enabling adults to make well-informed decisions. Be aware of local laws and the federal government; one must be 21 years old to purchase any form of vaping equipment or e-cigarette product legally. When shopping, please provide a valid 21+ ID, such as a driver’s license, to facilitate legal sales. Our educated Infinity & Beyond Smokeshop team wants to serve real vape fans. Please abide by the regulations so that we may continue to provide our sincere consumers with years of tasty vape juice and potent Zkittlez cannabis.