How to Make a Disposable Vape Work After It Dies?

Disposable Vape Work After It Dies

Disposable vapes, often referred to as a throwaway electronic cigarette, is a kind of e-cigarette that is meant to be smoked just once before being discarded when the e-liquid runs out or the power source dies. Disposable vaporizers don’t need to be recharged or refilled like reusable ones. They are becoming a more and more well-liked choice for people who want to start vaping in a cheap and easy method. 

If you want to indulge in your preferred tastes without having to worry about coils or tank refills, disposable vapes are a perfect choice. However, your disposable vape can malfunction occasionally; in that case, you shouldn’t be too concerned.  In this post, we will learn about the problems that might arise when using a disposable vaporizer and how to fix it should it cease operating.

How does Disposable Vape work?

The most accessible type of vaping is disposable vapes; they are simple to use, don’t require changing coils or adjusting settings, and don’t require you to top off your vape juice constantly. Disposable vapes nevertheless function similarly to a standard vape pen or box mod, utilizing a vape coil to absorb vape juice heated by the battery and produce vapour.

One significant distinction is that a disposable vape coil is concealed and cannot be replaced after use, nor can the e-liquid be refilled. The pre-filled internal tank and charged lithium-ion battery with the disposable vaporizer imply that you must throw it away when the battery runs out or the vape juice runs out.

What Happens If Your Disposable Vape Doesn’t Work

Disposables have the drawback of being disposable once the e-liquid or batteries dries out, the gadget is over. Refilling or charging a disposable vape is not possible. If your disposable stops functioning before it runs out, there are a couple of tricks you may take to prolong its life:

  • To eliminate any accumulation of e-liquid, try blowing through the mouthpiece. You may temporarily stop the combustion coil by flooding it.
  • If air pockets are in the e-liquid, carefully brush the device away from the coil. The air bubbles can interrupt the wicking. 
  • Once handling the wicking, allow the vaporizer to sit straight for ten to fifteen minutes to allow it to saturate once again.
  • Verify that the charger’s bottom connections are clean. If soiled, gently clean it with a clean cotton wipe.
  • Attempt to inhale with greater force. It’s possible that a weak pull won’t drain the battery.
  • Alternate long and short breaths. Different drawing techniques affect how the battery is used.
  • Check for leaks or breaks in the gadget. The usage of defective disposables is dangerous. Get rid of any broken gadgets the right way.

How to make vape work again.

If the outcomes are not up to par, there are a few typical offenders. The most typical places where a disposable vape breaks down are listed below, along with some solutions to try:

 Verify that the device is charged.

Check the battery’s level or charge first if the vape isn’t working. A common feature on many devices is a light or indication to display whether the gadget is charging or firing. When you try to start the gadget, look for lights. The device’s battery will go out if there are no lights. When the battery life of some gadgets is low, the light may pulse or flash many times.

Examine the mouthpiece.

Your gadget may be firing, but the vapour flow is being obstructed by anything. The mouthpiece is the main component responsible for creating enough airflow. It is readily clogged, mainly if your vaporizer is kept in a pocket full of lint.

Verify The Level of E-liquid.

A significant factor contributing to the malfunction of disposable vapes is low e-juice levels. Although manufacturers frequently include a recommended “puff count,” this is based on typical usage. There’s a significant probability the juice may run out sooner if you hit your vape harder or longer.

Disposable Vape Pen Died Before Empty

Occasionally, disposable vaporizers may run out of liquid before they empty.  When your disposable vape pen is almost empty, you have a couple of options if your disposable vape pen runs out of juice:

  1. Reutilize it. Many disposable vape pens are constructed of recyclable materials to be recycled at a nearby recycling facility.
  2. Get rid of it correctly. You may adequately dispose of your disposable vape pen if it cannot be recycled by following local trash disposal regulations.
  3. Purchase a replacement. A fresh disposable vape pen is always an option if you’re still searching for a means to satisfy your nicotine addiction. Just be careful to select one with a longer battery life to avoid running out of liquid before the battery runs out.

How to get more hits out of a Disposable Vape after it dies?

Most vape devices’ lithium-ion batteries aren’t meant to be used continuously without recharging or after they die. During usage, as the battery’s temperature rises, its internal resistance grows, accelerating discharge. Using recommended procedures for lithium-ion maintenance optimizes the product’s lifespan.

 Non-rechargeable lithium-ion batteries must be replaced once they run out entirely since they are no longer functional. A few individuals have tried risky techniques to forcefully recharge exhausted cells by attaching open charger cables straight to the battery terminals to get more hits out of a disposable vaper after the battery dies. By avoiding the safety precautions that the batteries and chargers have built-in, this technique puts the device’s warranty in danger as well as the user’s health.

How to Revive a Dead Vape

Nothing is more annoying than a non-functioning vape pen. Because they are so easy to use, disposables may be particularly frustrating when they break down. But don’t give up too quickly. There could be an easy fix! Often, all it takes to get your disposable vape back up and running is a quick patch.

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  • Inspect the Status of Your Battery

Ensure that a battery is genuinely dead before attempting to revive it. Disposable vape batteries may seem dead due to broken connections or other problems.  A disposable vaper’s LEDs make it simple and quick to check the battery level. Reconnecting the cartridge’s cap to the battery or lightly turning it should strengthen the link if there is any evidence of life.

  • Heat the E-cigarette Vape 

If the battery on your disposable vaporizer seems dead, you might try warming it up. Take out the battery cartridge and hold it in your palms so that you can rub your hands together vigorously to produce heat.

Any residual e-liquid that solidified in the cartridge may be melted using a heat pump, releasing vapour. Reconnect the cartridge and battery and repeat the test once they have warmed up for a few minutes.

  • Massage Your Cartridges

You can try compressing the cartridge to get the e-liquid to expand and perhaps restart the device if the battery in your disposable vape has died, but there is still some liquid inside.  

Squeeze and let go of the cartridge multiple times with one hand while holding it. By lowering the buildup of air, this technique can enhance the flow of e-liquid into the heating element. After reassembling the battery and cartridge, take a test puff.

  • Try Changing the Airflow

Sometimes, a disposable vape can’t draw in enough air to produce a good amount of vapour. Verify that no obstructions exist in the tiny air openings around the device.  If any dirt becomes trapped, carefully remove it with a toothpick or pin. Additionally, some disposable vapes include an air setting that can be adjusted. Try varying the airflow to find the optimal setting for creating hotter steam.


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