Uwell Caliburn Replacement Vape Pods

uwell caliborn

The 2.0mL refillable food-grade plastic pods make up the UWELL Caliburn Replacement vape Pods kit. Additionally, the Pod Coil Resistance is 1.4 ohm. It also includes a top fill mechanism constrained by the mouthpiece on the top cap drip tip.

The Uwell CALIBURN Replacement Pods include the following features:

  • The juice pods have a volume of 2 mL and are made of food-grade plastic
  • Have a 1.4-ohm coil resistance.
  • Top Fill System with Dual Ports and
  • Top Cap Drip Tip
  • One replacement pod

Uwell Pods by Caliburn

The pods seem to be made of rather sturdy material. Two side openings feed the airflow. It comes from the recessed area of the pod’s bottom. A magnetic, gold-plated connector holds the vape Pods together. The magnets appear relatively strong, yet the pods still leave a little space when you insert them. Usually, you have to push the remaining part of the pod in manually.

The coil configuration overall is evocative of the old-school carto tanks, even though Uwell employs parallel coils for the pods. Instead of the one pod they say it includes, the kit came with two pods—one for the device and a spare.

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Uwell Caliburn

As the pods are filled

The pods are easy to fill. However, the mouthpiece may be challenging to remove the first time. Since I have heard the previous ones come off too quickly, I would rather that they are more secure than randomly fall off. After removing the mouthpiece, two 3.5 mm fill apertures are at the top of the pod. When the vape Pods are complete, put the mouthpiece on. Neat and uncomplicated

LED and battery life

Given that it only produces 11 watts or less, the 520 mAh battery in the Uwell Caliburn is fantastic. I can vape all day long with one full charge. Before recharge, I can often obtain two to three refills.

Press the button five times to turn the device on or off. You may check the battery’s charge by briefly pressing the power button. Additionally, vaping using the draw activation feature will show the same color.

The charging time for the vape Pods with the supplied charging cable is around 45 minutes. Compared to the JUUL, it is twice as fast and has a larger capacity. It further supports pass-through charging, although it is slow to start when the battery is dead.